P315 - Laplacian pyramid-based complex neural network learning for fast MR imaging

Haoyun Liang, Yu Gong, Hoel Kervadec, Jing Yuan, Hairong Zheng, Shanshan Wang

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A Laplacian pyramid-based complex neural network, CLP-Net, is proposed to reconstruct high-quality magnetic resonance images from undersampled k-space data. Specifically, three major contributions have been made: 1) A new framework has been proposed to explore the encouraging multi-scale properties of Laplacian pyramid decomposition; 2) A cascaded multi-scale network architecture with complex convolutions has been designed under the proposed framework; 3) Experimental validations on an open source dataset fastMRI demonstrate the encouraging properties of the proposed method in preserving image edges and fine textures.
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Poster Session #5 - 9:30 - 11:00 UTC-4 (Wednesday)
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