S236 - Anatomical Predictions using Subject-Specific Medical Data

Marianne Rakic, John Guttag, Adrian V. Dalca

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Changes in brain anatomy can provide important insight for treatment design or scientific analyses. We present a method that predicts how brain anatomy for an individual will change over time. We model these changes through a diffeomorphic deformation field, and design a predictive function using convolutional neural networks. Given a predicted deformation field, a baseline scan can be warped to give a prediction of the brain scan at a future time. We demonstrate the method using the ADNI cohort, and analyze how performance is affected by model variants and the type of subject-specific information provided. We show that the model provides good predictions and that external clinical data can improve predictions.
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Poster Session #4 - 14:30 - 16:00 UTC-4 (Tuesday)
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