Reviewer instructions

The following are instructions on how to create/update TPMS and OpenReview accounts.

Create or update your profile on TPMS

We will be using Toronto Paper Matching System (TPMS) scores to determine which papers to assign to you, so it is important to have an up-to-date entry that accurately reflects your competency.

Create new TPMS profileLogin to existing TPMS profile

Once logged in, populate your profile by uploading your most recent papers to it. It is best if you have approximately 10 papers that are representative of your present expertise. If you have not yet published 10 papers, you may add other papers that you know in much detail. Do not list papers from fields you are interested in but have not worked on yet!

Uploading papers is easy, but just in case, here is a nice video that details the step-by-step procedure:

Create or update your profile on OpenReview

Create an account at OpenReview if you do not have one yet. In case you find multiple different accounts under your name, you can ask [email protected] to merge them. After you log into OpenReview, you will see two tasks to update your information.

Profile Confirmation

  • Please verify that your most recent email address as well as older ones (for conflict management) are part of the profile. Please make sure that your OpenReview primary (Preferred) email address is the one that is linked to your TPMS account.
  • Put a link to your DBLP profile if it is not yet there.
  • Put a link to your Google Scholar profile if it is not yet there.