S047 - Deblurring for spiral real-time MRI using convolutional neural networks

Yongwan Lim, Shrikanth Narayanan, Krishna Nayak

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Spiral acquisitions are preferred in real-time MRI because of their time efficiency. A fundamental limitation of spirals is image blurring due to off-resonance, which degrades image quality significantly at air-tissue boundaries. Here, we demonstrate a simple CNN-based deblurring method for spiral real-time MRI of human speech production. We show the CNN-based deblurring is capable of restoring blurred vocal tract tissue boundaries, without a need for exam-specific field maps. Deblurring performance is superior to a current auto-calibrated method, and slightly inferior to ideal reconstruction with perfect knowledge of the field maps.
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Poster Session #3 - 9:30 - 11:00 UTC-4 (Tuesday)
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